The novel coronavirus and resulting COVID-19 disease is a rapidly unfolding situation in North Carolina and across the globe. The effects of the outbreak are likely to be widespread, and will disproportionately affect the most vulnerable among us. With this in mind, NCNG is compiling information and resources related to the outbreak, as well as philanthropy’s response. If there are resources you suggest we add to this page, please let us know.



Guiding Principles

Please continue to support your nonprofit partners. These best practices have been crowdsourced from funders across the country. Please consider:

  • Converting programmatic investments into general operating funds
  • Increasing current grants
  • Relaxing requirements on current grants, such as eliminating reports and paperwork
  • Extending deadlines or deliverables on existing grants
  • Being open to changing payment schedules
  • Postponing or canceling site visits, especially for long time grantees
  • Making bridge loans or rapid response funding available
  • If significant income is based on a fundraiser such as an auction, conference or other event that has been canceled or likely to be canceled in the next 6 months, consider how to help with lost income and sunk costs
  • Not holding nonprofit partners accountable for programmatic goals based on in-person gatherings
  • Checking in and lending your support - but don't overburden them! Partner with other funders to ask once!
  • Last but not least, trust them. They know what needs to be done.