Why We're Signing the Disability Inclusion Pledge

Why Now

We envision that all communities in North Carolina are valued and thriving and are empowered and supported by a robust philanthropic network, and that includes the 25% of adults and nearly 5% of children living with disabilities in our state. Our work – especially our diversity, equity, and inclusion work – must meaningfully include disability. Disability can impact anyone, but it has a disproportionate impact on people of color, people living in poverty, older adults, and women.

To hold ourselves accountable, we have signed on to the #DisabilityInclusionPledge, an invitation from the Disability & Philanthropy Forum to commit to moving toward a future of inclusion and equity for all.

What We’ve Done

Prior to this point, we’ve invited speakers with disabilities and disabled speakers to present at the annual meeting and conference and share on member calls. We internally talk about disability inclusion as a part of our DEI efforts and ask for accommodations for our events. But we know this is just the beginning.

What We’ll Do Next

To continue our disability inclusion learning journey, the NCNG Team will complete the Disability & Philanthropy survey to gauge our progress and work towards the following goals:
  • Include disability community engagement
  • Use disability inclusive language
  • Increase our event accessibility
  • Encourage and support disability-inclusive grantmaking practices
  • Evaluate our progress and share our learnings

NC Network of Grantmakers has joined the growing list of foundations and philanthropy-serving organizations signing onto the Disability and Philanthropy Forum’s Disability Inclusion Pledge and is inviting our members to join us in this important work.