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Chief Excecutive Officer

Position Summary
Reporting Relationships
Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations of DHT and ensuring fiscal, operational, human resources, technology, communication and programming strategies that are effectively implemented across DHT and are properly aligned with its purpose and the Board’s vision.
Job description:
The successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) candidate will firmly establish themselves in the community and be seen as the voice and face of DHT. This executive must develop personal and professional credibility, gain respect and build trust internally and externally. It is essential for this executive to embrace the organization’s purpose and guiding principles, which are rooted in the building of strong, trusting relationships. The CEO must make certain that people throughout Western North Carolina are engaged in DHT's work. 

Key Responsibilities Include:
  • Play an active role in guiding the Board through a strategic planning process. While these strategies are developed and implemented, the CEO will play a critical role in establishing and the continual assessment of key metrics and measurable outcomes. The CEO will ensure that all key stakeholders understand the financial implications of supporting defined initiatives with a vetted process to determine appropriate levels of funding and support.
  • Continue to build and oversee a strong senior management team that reflects the priorities of the organization and can develop actionable goals, strategies, and tactics. The CEO will be charged with guiding and integrating the team in order to deliver comprehensive and multi-faceted programs focused on the four priority areas.
  • Serve as the senior steward of DHT resources while building upon the organizational infrastructure it will need to carry out its purpose. The CEO will be expected to forge and sustain DHT as a strategic, discerning and efficient grant-making organization known for its ability to identify needs and gaps in the region and to partner/collaborate effectively in order to drive significant, sustained and positive impact that changes lives. Execute management responsibilities and know how to work with and involve the Board in the strategic and fiduciary duties and be the steward of the boundaries between management and governance.
  • Develop and maintain strong networking relationships with key stakeholders throughout Western North Carolina across all socio-cultural groups, either directly or through members of the board and senior staff. The CEO will know, or be ready, willing, and able to quickly understand these geographical areas through the use of strong networking skills.
  • Leverage and partner with like-minded organizations that can maximize the impact of DHT throughout the region. Enable DHT to leverage its assets to better serve the region with knowledge and networks to improve health and healthcare. The CEO will build connections with other foundations locally and nationally that share the mission and purpose. The new leader will help identify strategic partnerships; with a range of philanthropic, nonprofit, government, private sector institutions, and opportunities to advance key strategic priorities..
  • Continue to strengthen the DHT brand, building the organization’s reputation as an advocate and thought leader, establishing a clear understanding of the organization's purpose and eliminating any public confusion over the beneficiaries of its efforts. The CEO will establish a sustainable organization that will serve as a model for other communities across the nation. DHT has the opportunity to create a success map for other organizations in other communities to emulate.
  • Consistent with DHT’s purpose and mission, the CEO will support and enhance regional efforts to address poverty, employment barriers, improved health and quality of life across all socio-cultural groups.
  • Create a spirit of hope, opportunity and stability for communities that are in transition or where jobs have been lost. The CEO will gain acceptance from the communities throughout the region based on authenticity, trust and results.
  • Work with the Board and its Covenant Compliance Committee to assure DHT exercises its rights and fulfills its responsibilities regarding the sale of Mission Health assets to HCA Healthcare. The CEO will develop a working knowledge of both the Asset Purchase Agreement, including DHT’s role as Seller Representative and the organization’s relationships with the Independent Monitor regarding oversight of HCA, and of the Commitment Letter between DHT and the NC Attorney General to assure continued compliance with DHT’s contractual responsibilities.
  • Provide oversight of DHT subsidiaries and liaise between such entities and the DHT Board. The CEO will become familiar with the purpose and function of Innovate WNC, LLC, of which DHT is the sole member and manager to advise and implement the decisions of the board regarding its operation. As the Director and Board Chair, the CEO will ensure the success of Impact Health, a NC nonprofit corporation serving as the state’s Healthy Opportunities Network Lead.
  • The CEO will be responsible for maximizing the impact of DHT grant-making as well as the impact of other forms of activity the DHT undertakes.
Goals and Objectives
The following goals and objectives have been identified as priorities for the CEO of Dogwood Health Trust and will be seen as measures of success within the first 12 months:
  • Learn the history, evolution and shared vision of DHT, immersing themselves in its journey, proactively reaching out to Board members, community stakeholders and other key influencers to listen, share ideas and build strong working relationships.
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation for the culture, history and ethos of the various communities that make up the area served by DHT, including the social determinants of health that must be addressed in order to improve the health status of the region's population.
  • Develop and begin implementation of a plan to better align the organizational culture and architecture with the strategic initiatives of the organization.
  • Quickly become the external face of DHT across the community and to all key influencers, public officials and media; seek to participate in regional organizations and to reinforce the organization's purpose and identity wherever possible.

Candidate Qualifications

  • A bachelor’s degree is required; a graduate degree in public health, business administration, healthcare administration, management or related field is highly desired.
Knowledge and Work Experience
The successful candidate will have:
  • Knowledge and leadership experience in Western North Carolina. If the successful candidate is not located in the area now, should have ties to the region and an excellent reputation and be well known in the area.
  • 10+ years of hands-on management experience leading an organization or business with full managerial oversight, P&L responsibility and responsibility for strategy and execution. Candidates from foundations, not-for-profit and for-profit environments will be considered.
  • Proven understanding of the social determinants of health, population health assessment or one of the other three areas—economic opportunity, education and housing and an appreciation of emerging trends and opportunities; candidates with executive experience within human services, grant-making functions and related fields will also be considered.
  • Demonstrated program development and delivery success; proven ability to quantify/validate program performance, remain within established budgets and discontinue unsustainable programs.
  • Strong financial acumen, with considerable experience preparing an annual operating plan, forecasting, managing balance sheets, budgets, and financial controls, and mitigating risks.
  • Effective talent management experience that includes mentoring, engaging and inspiring a team; must include strong communications skills, uncovering individuals’ strengths and positioning them for success.
  • A strong track record of building relationships with executives in social services agencies, the political arena, as well as educating, influencing and engaging C-suite leaders.
  • Experience working with a board of directors in a relationship built on trust, transparency, mutual respect and principles of effective governance.
Candidate Attributes/Desired Personal Characteristics
  • Authentic, humble; willing to listen and learn
  • Compassionate; able to relate to people on a personal level
  • A consensus builder; convener; values collaborative relationships and trust
  • Experience working with and in diverse communities; multicultural awareness
  • Values-driven; passionate about the organization’s purpose
  • Bold and courageous; prepared to drive transformational change
  • Visionary and entrepreneurial; knows what is possible; brings ideas to lift
  • Analytical yet decisive; uses data to support decisions; enables others to see possibilities with facts
  • Politically astute; seasoned; aware of optics surrounding decisions/actions
  • Has a broad, national perspective on healthcare, education, economic opportunity or housing; familiarity with impactful players; brings valuable intellectual capital
  • Knowledgeable of granting processes, techniques and requirements
  • Financially savvy; able to manage investment strategies determined by the Board
  • Warm, energetic; an optimistic spirit

Procedure for Candidacy

Please direct all nominations and resumes to Julie Rosen and John Fazekas through the WittKieffer Candidate Portal by clicking here. Candidates can also find this portal via the WittKieffer website at and select the "Become a Candidate" button. If you have trouble logging into the portal, please contact John Fazekas directly at

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