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Program Analyst

Job description:
The Duke Endowment’s Guiding Principles
Apply discretion to address current and emerging issues. Award grants that strengthen organizations, replicate successes, test innovation. Optimize resources; hold staff and grantees accountable for results. Lead ethically: seek diverse opinions, foster ideas, pursue sound risks. Build effective relations via listening, learning, collaborating. Share information on successes, failures, lessons learned.
Department     Rural Church
Title                  Program Analyst (time-certain)
Reports to       Director, Rural Church
Purpose           Conducts research and analysis to support and develop the Rural Church program area. Prepares and shares findings with Endowment Trustees. Conducts due diligence in the grantmaking process and monitors results of grants. Represents the Endowment at meetings with grantees and relevant conferences and meetings.

  •  Conducts research, performs analysis and provides strategy support on various topics related to Rural Church and the Endowment’s grantmaking in this area.
  • Prepares summaries, white papers, and reports to share with various audiences, including Endowment Trustees and other program areas.
  • Monitors results of Rural Church grants; works with the Endowment’s evaluation team and the Rural Church program area team to analyze and assess the impact of grantmaking activities and to propose course corrections/new approaches as needed.
  • Ensures the integrity of Rural Church’s grantmaking data in the Endowment’s various information systems.
  • Assists with convening meetings and conferences for grantees.
  • Participates in intra-Endowment committees and special projects as appropriate.
  • Represents the Endowment in relationships with grantees and participates in meetings with other philanthropic organizations at state and national meetings.
  • Graduate degree and/or at least two to three years of related experience.
  • We will look for candidates who have demonstrated, through their work and volunteerism, an understanding of and appreciation for the role the church plays in societal change.
  • Strong communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Strong analytical skills; ability and drive to analyze and synthesize data, and to organize and process significant interrelated information.
  • Interpersonal skills that will allow the position to build relationships both internally and externally. 
  • Initiative to contribute and share ideas, and to engage others to learn from diverse perspectives and opinions.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and take initiative to pursue work, assist others and resolve problems and issues.
  • Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe/PDF), the Internet, Blackbaud Grantmaking software, and any specialized technology relevant to a specific program area.
Charlotte, NC

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