Connect to your peers

Membership in NCNG connects your foundation to a network of knowledge, resources, and sector colleagues that will help you achieve your mission, serve your stakeholders and operate more efficiently and effectively. 

NCNG helps North Carolina grantmakers:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of important North Carolina issues
  • Utilize education and networking opportunities
  • Foster and build closer peer relationships
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate
  • Create a body of knowledge regarding philanthropy in the state
  • Collaborate more closely, thereby improving the effectiveness and ultimate impact of grantmaking in North Carolina

Statewide Annual Meeting and Conference
NCNG's signature event hits it all – networking, professional development and sessions designed by grantmakers for grantmakers. In this two-day event, we cover best practices, trends in philanthropy, statewide issues and more.

Access to NCNG Staff for Technical Assistance and Research
Who’s funding what and where? What best practices exist? NCNG staff can assist with these and other questions - researching and compiling valuable information on foundations and grantmaking.

Networking with One Another
NCNG hosts events throughout the year where members share ideas, explore opportunities to collaborate, and work through common challenges facing grantmakers. Members are from across the state (and beyond) and represent foundations of every type and size.

Network News
Every month, NCNG publishes a robust newsletter filled with news and information about North Carolina grantmakers, as well as issues affecting the field of philanthropy.

Educational Programming
NCNG connects you to speakers, experts, and peers who can help you grow as a grantmaker through skills-building workshops or issue-specific gatherings. With more than 50 events every year, there’s something for everyone.

Free Jobs Board
This is one of the most-visited sections of our website. With these targeted and specific postings, you’ll find great candidates to join your team. Members may post job openings free of charge.

View our Membership Application.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Sarah Mann Willcox.