Columbus County local nonprofits awarded $56,000 in Hurricane Florence recovery grants from the Nort

Columbus County local nonprofits awarded $56,000 in Hurricane Florence recovery grants from the North Carolina Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund

The board of advisors of the Columbus County Community Foundation recently awarded $56,000 in recovery grants from the North Carolina Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund to support the long-term recovery of the local community from Hurricane Florence.
Organizations receiving grants are:
  • $13,000 to Community CPR for the purchase, long term rental or contracted service of a safe box truck for transporting donated home furnishings for victims of Hurricane Florence
  • $13,000 to Families First, Inc. for general operating support for replacement of destroyed furniture and equipment lost due to Hurricane Florence
  • $10,000 to the Columbus Baptist Association for supplies for countywide Hurricane Florence rebuilding projects
  • $5,000 to the Lake Waccamaw Food Ministry for ongoing support for hundreds of families impacted by Hurricane Florence
  • $5,000 to the Columbus County Arts Council for extensive repairs from Hurricane Florence to facility which is used by many county organizations and groups
  • $4,000 to the Whiteville Improvement Association to support and invest in the Small Business Recovery Fund for Hurricane Florence disaster relief and recovery
  • $4,000 to Men & Women United for Youth & Families, CDC to support Hurricane Florence County Disaster Relief Site in Delco, serving Columbus County by connecting families with jobs, transportation and food resources
  • $2,000 to the Columbus County Community Farmers Market to support the farmers' market, damaged due to Hurricane Florence, which is a venue for local farmers to sell their produce and a purchasing source for citizens to buy fresh, healthy food
The grants were made from the NCCF Disaster Relief Fund’s initial grantmaking allocations to support long-term recovery and meet unmet needs from Hurricane Florence in Columbus County.

“These grants are critical to the long-term recovery of Columbus County from Hurricane Florence,” said Becky High, CCCF advisory board president. “The North Carolina Community Foundation Disaster Relief Fund is a pivotal resource to our local community thanks to the generosity of many donors who gave to help eastern North Carolina.”

NCCF is keenly aware of how deeply Hurricane Florence impacted eastern North Carolina and devastated many communities in our state, according to Jennifer Tolle Whiteside, CEO and president. “The North Carolina Community Foundation has been in these communities for more than 30 years and will continue to be there supporting disaster recovery long after the TV cameras are gone,” she said. “We were grateful to see the outpouring of generosity that supported the NCCF Disaster Relief Fund and are honored to steward these funds to support long-term recovery efforts and meet unmet needs.”

About the Columbus County Community Foundation
The Columbus County Community Foundation is a growing family of philanthropic funds, source of grants for local causes and partner for donors. CCCF was founded in 1999 and is led by a local volunteer advisory board that helps build community assets through the creation of permanent endowments, makes grants and leverages leadership – all for the benefit of Columbus County.

The CCCF is an affiliate of the North Carolina Community Foundation. In addition to High, board members include: Henry Edmund (vice-president), Liz McLean (secretary), Andy Wayne (treasurer), Amber Bellamy, Bill Gore, Gary Kramer, Lisa Richey, Terray Suggs, Kevin Williamson, Adam Wooten and Richard Wright.

About the North Carolina Community Foundation
The NCCF is the single statewide community foundation serving North Carolina and has administered more than $145 million in grants since its inception in 1988. With more than $270 million in assets, NCCF sustains 1,300 endowments established to provide long-term support of a broad range of community needs, nonprofit organizations, institutions and scholarships. The NCCF partners with a network of affiliate foundations to provide local resource allocation and community assistance across the state. An important component of NCCF’s mission is to ensure that rural philanthropy has a voice at local, regional and national levels. For more information, visit