Community Foundation of Gaston County: Scholarships Now Open!

Community Foundation of Gaston County: Scholarships Now Open!


The Community Foundation of Gaston County is now accepting applications for more than 30 scholarships.


Most scholarships are available to local students completing their final year of high school.  The guidance counselors at each local high school have information on available scholarships.  These scholarships offer opportunities for higher education for both students entering college or for students returning to school. Scholarship applications and information; including deadlines and criteria, can be found on the Foundation’s website, click here to apply.  Deadlines are quickly approaching for a few of the scholarships. 

“While the amounts for scholarships vary, each scholarship serves a purpose and that purpose is to further an educational path for students showing great potential,” said Ernest Sumner, President of the Community Foundation. “Foundation donors have the opportunity to assist these families in achieving further education. Whether a scholarship provides a book or the entire sum of the education, it makes a difference in the lives of our Gaston County students.”

Scholarships fulfill a large part of the Foundation’s mission by continuing education and the betterment of our community. The Community Foundation of Gaston County has invested more than $100 million in grants and scholarships over its 40-year history. At its core, the Community Foundation is an organization created with gifts from generous people committed to local causes. For donors, the Foundation serves as a philanthropic advisor. For the community, the Foundation serves as a grant maker and a civic leader. Through the support of its donors and fundholders, the Foundation has been able to address some of the community’s most pressing needs, including hunger, housing and education. For more information on the scholarship program, or about establishing a charitable fund at the Community Foundation, please call 704-864-0927 or click here to learn more.