Dogwood Health Trust Announces Change in Leadership

Dogwood Health Trust Announces Change in Leadership


Dear Community Partners,

Today, Dogwood Health Trust announced that Antony Chiang will be stepping down as CEO of the organization. While Antony remains committed to Dogwood’s purpose, he has determined that stepping down from his role is the right path for both him personally and the organization.


After careful and collaborative discussion, Antony and the Board of Directors have considered the needs of Dogwood Health Trust going forward; together, we have determined that a different approach is required.  With the vision and direction of Dogwood firmly established, Antony and the Board have determined that the focus must be operations, capacity building and deepening relationships with our non-profit and community-based partners.

The Board is immensely grateful for Antony’s contributions to DHT; during this past year, he collaborated with the board to set the direction for the organization.  This included conceiving and launching critical programs based on a “Philanthropy 3.0 model,” such as the Leverage Fund, Impact Investing, and investments in Substance Use Disorder. He also orchestrated Dogwood’s pandemic response to COVID-19 and launched responsive grant-making for Immediate Opportunity and Needs Grants and Racial Equity.  Though DHT may require a different approach in its next phase, the Board has the utmost respect for Antony’s talents and impact.

The Board is moving forward with a transition plan that assures the impactful work of Dogwood will continue uninterrupted. The Board expects to appoint an interim CEO by the end of October. The interim will both work closely with the Board and oversee the highly-qualified professional staff at Dogwood Health Trust.  We have every confidence in the team; their commitment to the DHT purpose, the health and well-being of the region and our non-profit partners is second to none.

All grant-making, programming and other activities will continue as planned.  Most importantly, we will continue to focus our attention on partnering with community-based organizations to better understand, address and improve the communities we serve.

Due to the relatively young nature of the organization, the Board of Directors has particularly strong relationships with both the staff and our non-profit and community-based partners.  I expect the cohesive vision and collective commitment of the Board will further bolster the work of our staff and community partners during this period.

I thank you for your continued interest in the work of Dogwood Health Trust.  Should you have any questions, please reach out to me at any time.


Janice W. Brumit
Chair, Board of Directors
Dogwood Health Trust