Fifteen Nonprofits Receive $300,000 in Grants from Triangle Community Foundation

Fifteen Nonprofits Receive $300,000 in Grants from Triangle Community Foundation


Research Triangle Park, NC: Triangle Community Foundation is delighted to share the 2022 grantees from the Environmental Resilience segment of its Sustainable Communities impact area. Fifteen grants of $20,000 each were awarded for one year of unrestricted support to organizations that build awareness of conservation and climate issues and help communities adapt to climate change threats, particularly those communities that have endured chronic stressors such as poverty and racial segregation, which are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.


“We’re all seeing the effects of climate change, and there is a growing sense of urgency to take action,” said Sarah Guidi, Senior Program Officer for Arts and Sustainable Communities Initiatives. “Climate change is a global, complicated issue, but we know that building awareness and investing in nature-based strategies like land and water conservation at the local level makes a difference in our communities. The organizations selected this year are all combatting climate change and include a focus on communities most negatively impacted by this existential threat.”
Environmental and Economic Resilience make up the Foundation’s Sustainable Communities impact area, which takes a holistic approach to supporting strong, resilient communities in the Triangle. The main objectives of the current grant program are to fund organizations implementing nature-based strategies that allow communities to adapt to climate change threats (with priority on low-income communities), providing education and communications around conservation and/or climate issues, and engaging in local advocacy efforts related to conservation and/or climate issues.
Collectively these organizations are making a significant impact across the Triangle:

  • 73% are implementing nature-based solutions that have environmental, social, and economic benefits such as urban tree planting, land and water conservation, installing rain gardens, and restoring wetlands.

  • 93% are providing education and communications to increase awareness around conservation and/or climate change.

  • 83% are integrating advocacy activities focused on conservation and climate change through programs like community organizing around tree and water protections in rapidly developing areas and pushing for land use policy changes to curb emissions.

  • 97% are centering all or part of their work on communities of color and/or low-income communities.

2022 Environmental Resilience grantees are:

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