Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Announces Community Investment

Triangle North Healthcare Foundation Announces Community Investment


Triangle North Healthcare Foundation’s Board of Directors has announced the acquisition of the historic Henderson landmark, Garnett Street Station.


Through its newly formed limited liability company, Garnett Street Station, LLC, the Foundation closed on the property purchase on June 10.  The property was purchased from Restoration Associates.

“We consider this an excellent investment for the Foundation, since it is an income-producing property,” said Val Short, Executive Director for the Foundation.   “We can also ensure this important historic treasure will be maintained and preserved for future generations,” she added.   

Current tenants at Garnett Street Station will continue to lease office and parking spaces. The Foundation is planning some renovations and improvements to the building, including replacing the platform at the back of the building, painting the exterior trim, and repairing mortar on the brick. 

Built around 1885 as a railroad freight station and depot, the building stands on land that was originally deeded to the Raleigh & Gaston Rail Road Company by Lewis Reavis in 1837.  The depot building was restored and converted to an office building in 1989 by Restoration Associates.

The Foundation will occupy the office on the south end of the building, according to Short. She expects the Foundation will be able to relocate to Garnett Street Station by the end of the summer.  “We are very excited about having a permanent home for the Foundation, especially in this iconic symbol of Henderson’s history and development,” said Short.   

Located in Henderson, Triangle North Healthcare Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies, and schools in Vance, Warren, Granville, and Franklin counties. The Foundation’s grant funding mission has been made possible by the endowment that was established after Maria Parham Health merged with the for-profit Duke-Lifepoint in 2011. For more information about the Foundation, call 252-598-0763 or visit the website: