Learning Communities

NCNG facilitates a variety of Learning Communities for members – these are subgroups of members that convene around a common or shared funding interest or job function. 

Members can attend programs for any of these groups, but if you’d like to be kept in the loop about any of the below topics please contact us.

Learning Communities by Funding Interest

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Equity and Inclusion

Other Learning Communities

  • Capacity Building Champions - This is NCNG's newest Learning Community, and it's all about funding and managing capacity building projects or programs for nonprofits
  • Communications – This group is for anyone responsible in whole or in part for the communications of their foundation. Past sessions have focused on working with the media, annual reports and e-newsletters
  • Corporate Funders – Mainly for corporate giving officers, this group meets to connect and discuss best practices for their unique funding roles. Topics of interest include employee engagement, measurement and evaluation, and discussing corporate giving ROIs.
  • Emerging Leaders – Programming for this group is for foundation staff of all ages who are new to philanthropy, or want to brush up on their skills
  • Finance and Investment - Foundation staff in accounting, CFO, COO and investment roles can share resources relevant to the financial workings of their organizations
Interested in creating a new NCNG learning community or have ideas for speakers or programs? Please contact us by email or call 919-578-6437.