Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Announces February 2018 Health Improvement Grant Cycle

Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust Announces February 2018 Health Improvement Grant Cycle


We are pleased to announce our grants process for the February 13, 2018, grants application deadline.

In June, the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust celebrated 70 years and released an updated Strategic Vision to underscore why we do this work and the change we support. But there is still work ahead.


To that end, the Trust continues to undergo a strategic review to refine our funding interests and amplify our impact. In this process, we expect to develop and adapt tools that help us, and the communities we serve, advance equity and build toward systems-level improvements. We also may adopt new strategies or focus areas as we seek to effectively fulfill the vision of Kate B. Reynolds to improve the quality of life and health for financially disadvantaged North Carolinians.

The Trust will continue its long-term commitments to Healthy Places North Carolina and to serving the most economically distressed regions of the state. As indicated below, proposals will be limited by the 2017-2018 North Carolina Department of Commerce County Tier designations. Designations for either 2017 or 2018 are acceptable. The Department of Commerce annually ranks the state’s 100 counties based on economic well-being and designates the most distressed as Tier 1.

Healthy Places NC
The Trust’s Healthy Places NC initiative is the leading edge of our Health Improvement in North Carolina program area work and represents a belief in community and a commitment to building local approaches to solve complex problems. The Trust recognizes that sometimes these solutions will fall outside of our traditional funding interests. In such cases, we will assess projects based on potential impact rather than fit with stated fields of focus.
Access to Primary Care

  • Rising health care costs pressure public programs and increase insurance premiums, which limits access to care, especially for vulnerable populations. The Trust is interested in projects from any county in North Carolina that build new partnerships between the health care delivery system and organizations deeply connected to underserved communities that aim to address the underlying determinants that drive costs.

  • The Trust will accept applications for projects intended to increase insurance coverage from all counties. We welcome innovative strategies for reaching underserved regions or populations.

  • Proposals to increase access to comprehensive primary care should reflect efforts to build a county-wide or regional system to better serve financially disadvantaged residents.

Community Centered Prevention


  • Proposals from Tier 1 counties are eligible for consideration in all four diabetes funding interests: clinical care and self-management, behavioral health, prevention, and public awareness. Projects in the first two categories must directly link to clinical care.

Behavioral Health

  • The Trust will accept proposals from organizations serving Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties that focus on enhancing substance abuse services or prevention.

  • We encourage projects that enhance existing delivery systems in Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties that attempt to close disparities between different populations.

  • We will accept applications that provide innovative, systemic solutions to improve access to behavioral health services in Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties.

  • Extension or expansion of the Trust’s integrated care investments will be by invitation only.

Capital Requests
Capital requests are by invitation only.

Other Updates
The Trust recognizes that, to improve the health of North Carolinians, we need to enhance all of the systems that influence the well-being of low-income people. To that end, we are interested in coordinating and connecting with statewide or regional funders and organizations that are working to improve other drivers of health, such as education and housing.

Contact the Trust to Assess Eligibility
To engage in an initial conversation about proposal ideas for the February cycle, we request that all interested parties contact Program Coordinator Alison Elster at alison@kbr.org or at 336-397-5521. All university-affiliated inquiries must be pursued in consultation with your school’s Trust liaison. Depending on fit with issues, interests, and strategies, we may then schedule an appointment with you and your regional program officer.

Please call as early as possible in the cycle to discuss if your project is a fit. We request that you schedule an initial call well before January 30, 2018.
The grant application deadline is February 13, 2018, at 5:00 pm.